A compare usage button on web

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Idea Status: Implemented

Most comments on here relate to the usage page online with some reference to the app version.
This post due to what I believe is a sloppy port of the app, (or the app was wrong in the first place?) but then I'm not a coder.
All my browsers are up to date, the behaviour below is the same on firefox and chrome win 10

1.Why is there no compare usage button to the right of the £/kWh button on the online usage section?
Should there be one?
Has it ever been there?


2. The sizing and coding of the browser version is non-standard, try zooming it with ctrl-/ctrl+ and see what it does, there is something non standard with the resolution. (I'm not a coding expert but I know how I expect it to behave)

3. The arrow pointing to the right on the rhs of the usage word:-

a) changes appearance depending on the zoom setting. This indicates that the size coding of the left hand panel needs some attention. This concurs with above, and
b) is useless and misleading. If it's supposed to be a reference eye pointer to what's on the right, then it's useless because you can't scroll all the way on the right hand panel. What is it's function supposed to be?

What would be really good is clicking on any of the right hand panel months would populate the left with the £/kWh figures of that month. (maybe in the future?)
All of this is in addition my previous comments about the chart implementation.

I believe a recent post by someone complaining that they couldn't see the chart(android/app) is related to the way this is coded, I couldn't point him to online, no chart.
Which brings me to....
I am very irritated by being forced to use the app by the login mail when I want to log into PP on the browser on the phone. I don't have the choice. The two should NOT be exclusive, and this has proven to be a real show stopper when trying to explain to a customer that they can log in online "Sorry but you have to delete the app first!" That's really going to go down well (not) and is a real red-line for me
Not everyone has a computer.

Finally what have you done to the bl**dy weather, never seen so much rain!

​As ever feel free to ignore or comment...

Hey @woz
This got left off (due to time and resource) of the account in web launch back in June.
Our tech team are looking at getting this out in October 🆙
Hey @woz

Oops! We didn't update this idea - this was brought in in November's app/web update 😇

We know there's lots of feedback about the usage graphs and what people would like to see in their accounts, too, which we're working on 👍
​​​​​​​thanks Nataly