A community section for posts about carbon offsetting

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Idea Status: Implemented

Under ‘Sustainability News and Views’ there is a subsection ‘All about Renewables’

Can I suggest one for ‘All about Carbon Offset’
Hi @Oakbank
What kind of posts do you envisage will go here?
Hm, good question.

An area where members can ask questions such as:-

What is Carbon Offset?

What are Pure Planet doing regards Carbon Offset?

Is a log burner truly carbon neutral given cutting, drying and transport costs?
Hi @Oakbank
What I tend to do before creating new boards for specific subjects/topics is create a thread or two first, and see what kind of response they'll get.
As well as giving me an idea of the level the interest, it also means we won't end up with lots of boards with only a handful of threads in them.

This is what I did for our EVs and hybrids section. It started as a thread, then another, then a few more. I put those in the existing 'All About Renewables' section.
Over time (I think it was three or four months) we had enough threads (about 25 or so) to group them all together and take them out of 'All About Renewables' for a new home.
So it was at that point that I created the new board, and then moved all those threads into them.

Does that sound OK to you?
Hey @Oakbank
Just wanted to give you a heads-up that this is now being worked on.
We're going to be launching something soon (national campaign) and we def want to emphasise the work we and our Members are doing to reduce their carbon footprint.

​It won't be long now!
Sounds good Marc.
Hi @Oakbank
We've gone live with our new campaign, called Zero Hero.:o
Here's a post about it.
You'll see that I've renamed our Sustainability News & Views section, as well as the All About Renewables sub-section.
And all the community spotlights have been grouped into a new sub-section called 'Meet our Zero Heroes' which is a new place to celebrate anything of us are doing, big or small, to reduce our impact on the planet.
Do you think this would be a good place to create a new thread about carbon offsets, as a place to share tips?
There is a demand for this information, I think the post below coalesces that very succinctly.
Hi @woz @Duppy
Sorry for the radio silence!
What we'll do is count how many threads we've got about carbon offsets, to see if there's enough to make a new sub-section.
Will post back shortly 🙂
Thanks for this great idea @Oakbank
The new board 'Carbon offsetting' is now live!
Check it out here 😀
That's a cool board Marc. Loads of questions and, more importantly, even more answers.