Wattbot warning sms's are not currently delineated for multiple account holders, they should be.

  • 16 October 2019
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My idea is to add text into the "you've got a new message from wattbot" sms message which tells you which PP account the wattbot message relates to.
Those who have set up more than one account where they have used the same mobile number have no means of knowing which account the message relates to.

5 replies

Interesting one @woz
Hi @woz
Just a quick update that our marketing team are working on this one.
Nice one for suggesting it! 😁
In testing 🤓

This feature is now live @woz
Thanks again for suggesting this one!
Also, it's live for all Members, not just for those with more than one account / property.
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Great! thanks Marc.
It's really encouraging and more proof that you do listen to feedback.