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Wattbot for people who haven't joined PP yet and why.

  • 2 August 2019
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Idea Status: We're Looking Into It

Why is obvious, people who want to join but either have a query or more to the point technical difficulties preventing them completing the joining process (which is precisely what has prompted this post). They should of course be pointed at the community first, but in many and the more difficult cases this results in the only route being available for a resolution being a direct message. I don't think that's ideal.

My thinking is that if all else fails and the community can't help, there should be a version of wattbot in which the user can put their email address and phone number and start a conversation, resulting in an email conversation which doesn't need to be instant.

Further thought needed of course...

3 replies

Hi @woz
Thanks for posting this. It's an interesting idea.
This is already available in the app.
But, of course, someone may not have got that far. So we could look at something for web here.

I have joined just in last couple days and can’t access wattbot to ask a question

Hi @sew,

In the app use the ☰ menu to Get help and support then Ask a Question. Now confront the Wattbot machine with your situation.

How far do you get?