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Statement Downloads - add years to file names

  • 4 January 2021
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I’m just preparing my invoices and other information for the accountant in order to complete my latest tax return.

I think the trouble free way in which to download is great; statements are easily recognised and download straight to pdf with a file name that is recognisable and useable.

Only one thing I would add to that file name, is the year at the end, i.e. 2019, 2020 etc. as tax returns default from April to April quite often. 

Otherwise, incredibly user friendly!



6 replies

Thanks for posting this @Mark1ne 

Looks like a pretty sensible thing for us to do!

Thanks for the feedback too :slight_smile:

Quick update that our tech guys are looking into this.


If you’re going to do this, you could go for a format with the year before the month to help sorting.

i.e. Pure Planet Statement 2020 26 December.

If you wanna go all the way Pure Planet Statement 2020/12/26 (December) would tick all the boxes and still be fairly human friendly. But you would have to use 2 digit months or it would fall apart with February appearing after November.

Warning, warning, rabbit hole approaching. Back away now! Do not fall into the rabbit hole, it’d be a whole load of hurt! 😉 

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@Marc This has already been discussed and requested at great length (and seemingly ignored?) 

I can’t find the post …yet...

but  suggested yyyy_mm_dd_PPfilename/number as the format so no rabbits..

late edit I think there is more than one post but here’s one


Oh yes, I remember those @woz...

Hey everyone, 

Just another update to let you know this is being worked on by our Tech team - they’ve located the year info (in some technical backend area of mystery to me...) so the next step is getting that info displayed in the file names:thumbsup: