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  • 17 November 2018
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​So, when new members come on board, sometimes they assume regular members who answer their queries are staff������. Maybe put the SPOTLIGHT ������feature as it’s own thread, somewhere in the Welcome forum or similar, so they can see at a glance the members and staff featured, and maybe it’ll also encourage more members, new and old, and staff too, to nominate or participate������������*♀️. Its a great feature, but think often gets a bit forgotten about.

28 replies

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Good idea - needs addressing!
Really nice idea @Bev :)
I'm really grateful to Members who agree to take part in the spotlight feature. And it always gets good feedback.

I think there's a couple of options here:
1. Put all the 'spotlights' into one thread, call it something like 'Welcome to the Pure Planet Community - tell us about yourselves' and then direct new members towards it, encouraging people to add a reply.
2. Put them all into a spotlight section.

I think you're suggesting option 1 @Bev ? What do others think?

Oh yes, that reminds me, I'm looking for more community members to take part in the spotlight feature. Nudge nudge, wink wink @Gil @MrSmart @Lenny 😉
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Interesting idea. I think the title and level is the current attempt at trying to show to other members how useful the advise from another member might be. Or does it just demonstrate that they're very talkative on here? 🙂

I'd be up for being in the spotlight! haha
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...Oh yes, that reminds me, I'm looking for more community members to take part in the spotlight feature. Nudge nudge, wink wink @Gil @MrSmart @Lenny ;)

Let me have a think about what might be interesting, wont take long LOL 😕:rolleyes:
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Not quite sure Marc, bit confused re the two options and how they differ. If it’s a new section, called Spotlight, with all Spotlighters in there, and a new one each month, then think I’m option two, but bit confused dotty Commy😂😂😂. Doesn’t take much these days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Not quite sure Marc, bit confused re the two options and how they differ. If it’s a new section, called Spotlight, with all Spotlighters in there, and a new one each month, then think I’m option two, but bit confused dotty Commy������������������. Doesn’t take much these days ������������������������������������������

Now I am confused 😕😕😕 😕🆒
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Marc, need some clarity please if you will 🤓🤔👨*💻🙇*♀️
Hi @Bev @Gil
Sorry for the confusion! Let me explain myself...

Option 1. Instead of separate threads for each spotlight, I create one big thread that has them all together, along with all the replies. We could point new members to it, to tell the community a bit about themselves. This one thread would then have lots of other replies to it.
Might get a bit messy but it would be a way of new members saying hi.

Option 2. Create a new sub-section (aka a new 'board') and group all of the spotlight threads in there. So they're all separate threads still, but grouped in one place. I think we could do with a few more spotlights before doing this though. It'll look a bit empty at the moment.

Hope that's clearer! :p:rolleyes:
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Yes it is, thanks @Marc. My vote would be option 2 as the other will become too cluttered and end up with off-topic discussions. Not that that ever happens :o

There could be a new board "Introduce yourself" where all new members can "say hi".
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Thanks Marc. Perfectly explained. Right, I’m for option 1 BUT, as Gil rightly says, it’ll get way way way too messy if newbies all start adding replies 👎👎👎👎. So option 1 is indeed my original suggestion yes, BUT not for newbies to add replies. Just all the SPOTLIGHTS in one place so newbies (especially) get a feel of who we all are, and who are staff, who are members etc etc.

Gils idea of a new separate board / thread whatever it’s called, asking them to introduce themselves is a good one 👏👏👏as just look how many “Posts 1” we’ve seen on the Smart meter pilot interest, so shows just how many newbies are here, but too bashful to post (until it’s something they’re really keen on, like the pilot). Maybe somewhere in their welcome pack, it’d guide newbies to the thread to encourage them to post? 🤷*♀️
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LOL @Bev, we nearly aligned on something 😉, but not quite ❤️
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Absolutely Gil 😂😂😂. I thought the same hee hee. But yes, we’re all 3 thinking along the same lines here 👍👍👍, think it’ll work well 👍and break the ice ❄️❄️❄️⛸⛸ a tad for the shyer ones.
Hi @Bev @Gil

I've thought of a third option! This is another way we could group all the spotlights together. (I'm not sure about creating a sub-section for them yet, as we've only got six so far, so it'll be a pretty empty looking section).
There is some functionality we could turn on in the community, which we haven't used yet. Basically it's using tags to group threads together into different topics.
If switched on, some members will be able to add an existing tag to their thread, or create a new tag and add it.
Then, when other members click/tap on that tag, they'll see all the posts in that section which have been tagged with it.
Clear as mud?!
If I tag all the spotlight threads with a new tag called 'Community spotlight' that tag will appear at the end of each spotlight. Anyone clicking or tapping on that tag will be taken to a list of all spotlights.

Tags isn't something I'd open to all members. But if you guys are up for it, I could switch on for you guys to use?
Looping in @woz @Jon1 @MrSmart @Lenny @Gabolino to open this up a bit, see if there's general interest??

And for the 'introduce yourself thread', what I can do is tweak this post and open it up for replies. I could rename it to 'Pure Planet Community - welcome, introduce yourself'.
Sound good?
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Jesus wept Marc, that is way way way way WAY too confusing OMG 🙀🙀🙀🙀👎👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂. No tags pleeeeease 👎👎👎👎👎👎❌❌❌❌❌❌👎👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Sounds well too complicated!

Do like the introduce yourself thingy tho 👍 but needs to be prominent and clear, for the new members 👍👏
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@Bev, so ever so slightly, your not too keen on that idea then? Just wondered LOL 😕

How about the Introduce yourself thread and then the spotlight thread open to replies IF, the Spotlights always appear at the beginning as "pinned". Common practice in other forums?
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I think it borders on becoming too complicated. I’m familiar with the app, yet that taggy thingy would totally confuse me, so think be overwhelming for newbies and potentially put them off. The whole idea is to welcome them warmly and encourage them to post here, so the simpler the better. Just my opinion like, but always grateful of the suggestions 👍👍👍, sorry Marc.

I think the SPOTLIGHT thread alone, even with six Marc, and growing each month, would still work 👍. Good way for members to see at a glance who are staff and members etc 👍.

Then an INTRO thread to welcome new members with the option for them to reply and introduce themselves 🤷*♀️. Dunno.

think that’s similar to what you’re saying Gil. Kind of 🤷*♀️.
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I asked about tagging a long time ago - so very useful for finding posts - no need to use it if you don't want to (I think?)
Hi @Bev and @Gil
Sounds good. I'm going to open this thread to replies this afternoon and rename it to 'Welcome, introduce yourself, getting started'.
Could you guys add your replies ASAP and introduce yourselves? That way other Members will see the kind of stuff we're looking for.
I asked about tagging a long time ago - so very useful for finding posts - no need to use it if you don't want to (I think?)

Tagging can be useful @woz and I can limit it to specific community members.
Would be nice to have some consensus on this though! 😛
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Taking off nicely Marc 👍. Maybe those introducing themselves, could now be encouraged / invited to take part in Spotlight 💡🤷*♀️?
Hey @Bev
I just posted this latest monthly spotlight for June (step forward @Angekabikerbabe :D) and somewhere in the dark recesses of my so-called mind I had this thought that ages ago you'd make a great suggestion of grouping these in one place, but that at the time we din't have very many.
Reckon we've got enough spotlights now!
Question is where to group them..... I've been posting the spotlight features into the 'Welcome and Latest News' section. But if we have a sub-section for them, I think it would work better in 'Get Involved'.
What do you think?
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Yippeeeeeee 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉. LOVE reading the Spotlights 💡, but as soon as they’re read, they disappear into oblivion, all over the place. Putting in one place, one after t’other, makes much more sense. Thanks Marc 👍

I deffo see them fitting nicely into the Welcome somewhere, but deffo NOT Getting Involved IMO Marc 👎. Either Welcome, or New Members bit, somewhere where newbies are likely to head, then once they see lots of 💡💡💡, they’ll hopefully become interested in the community more, and it’s members 👍👍👏👏👏.
Hi @Bev
Sorry for the 'radio silence' on this.
There's some interesting stuff coming up which I think could help us on the question of where to group the monthly spotlights.
We've got a new campaign going live in the next few weeks. As part of that we want to feature all the great things our Members are doing for the planet.
Not big things like installing their own turbines in the garden. Small, simple steps that all people can take. To keep it real and accessible, and positive!
So I'm thinking that the spotlights will be part of that, as they're always really positive about doing the right thing (and always have a least one tip for cutting carbon and saving money).
Does that make sense?!
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Perfect sense Marc 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏, smashing idea
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Grouping seems like a good idea, but now confuzzulated by the options so I need to give this more thought...I'm not sure now that I've read through it...
and here are some useless meanderings...

I know this sounds like a curveball but I can't help thinking that most of the frustration and wasted time on here is caused by 2 things.
The search facility is very very poor, I had to use google and several attempts at keywords to find one of my posts made a couple of months ago for example (and I knew what I was looking for); combine that with people who make a perfunctory search don't find the answer to the question and cant be bothered searching so they ask something that's been asked a hundred times.

I bet you're thinking what does this have to do with it...I think it does, there needs to be an element of (please don't shoot me for the next word....) clickbait, in the mildest way to encourage people to explore the community, and although I'm quite happy for the spotlights to be grouped together and be given their own cosy home (as long as you disguise me🆒), I can't help but think it should form part of an overall strategy to make the community more attractive/accessible/searchable.