Some thoughts about balance being shown in the app.

  • 8 October 2018
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Idea Status: Implemented

This is an extension of my post HERE
If the balance which is going to be shown in the app is the balance which is on your last statement it will need to be made clear that that's what it is and why that matters. (I wrote a long spiel why but I've decided it's best left open to discussion)
Briefly, I'm suggesting this because it seems to me that there is a group of customers who would rather look at the app than their bill.
I'd like to suggest an algorithm based on usage/predicted usage and balance be applied to generate a sentence indicating whether the balance is considered to be within acceptable bounds, perhaps even a 4 traffic light system:
Red, balance too low will need reviewing
Amber a little low keep an eye on it
Green as expected... all is well
Blue (or not red amber or green), your balance is too high, you may wish to apply for a refund.

Of course if the balance is going to be updated every time someone submits a reading (in my dreams??) then the above scenario may need tweaking a little.

3 replies

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Yes i am curious as to how the balance will be calculated. In theory being as payments are in advance then on a statement day the balamce should be the value of ones DD payment.
Will the balance alter on a daily/weekly basis based upon expected usage as we work through the month.
Will it be as per statement.i think the need to see the balance in the app is in some part driven by the fact that proberly most people dont download and keep a copy of their statements. Instead a quick look when email arrives and then its deleted.
I would like to see some sort of traffic light system as woz says so as to show how on track the current balance is v expected usage.
Hello @woz and @Jon1

Balance will, to begin with, be based on your last 'transaction' so any payments/ refunds/ statements etc will update your balance in the app once they hit your account.

We will be introducing more of an 'explainer' around balance later down the line with actions against these (request a refund/ make a one off payment)

And regarding your dreams of balance updating with meter readings (v. exciting dream), we'll have to wait for those pesky, elusive smart meters.
Balance and last transactions are now live!
Update to the app - version 7.13.0 - released this week.