Smart Meters on Statement.

  • 28 April 2020
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Idea Status: Implemented


For so long as I can remember, certainly back into last year, my statements, and presumably every one else's have had this at the end:

We'll be in touch to upgrade your meter towards the end of
the year. Once that's done we can take readings
automatically and send detailed use and spend tracking
data to your app.

In view of the changes in DCCs guidance would it not be sensible to reword this?

It doesn't make it clear whether that means:

1: Upgrading my SMETS 1 meter to work on SMETS 2.

2: Replace my meter with a SMETS 2.

3: The end of last year has already been, so it's a bit out of date?

It makes no mention of the fact that this time period is reliant upon ongoing guidance from the DCC.



3 replies

Great spot @Gwyndy
This, it turns out, was also spotted recently by marketing, and it's being worked on as we speak.
It may even be sorted by the name you get your next statement.

A quick update @Gwyndy
These changes have been made, and they're going to take effect from early next week (there's a final go-live red button to press).
Nice one for flagging this!
Hey @Gwyndy

Just to say this work is done and live on monthly statements 🙂