Simplification required on changing email addr/email implementation in community and for PP account.

  • 6 September 2019
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The change settings section in the app should be replaced with a link to the FAQ and

You can't change your PP email online, only in the app that needs fixing

There should be an option for merging community accounts where someone has registered in the community before switching to PP ​

When someone joins PP as a customer/member they should automatically have their email address assigned to the community and be told that a community login is linked to their account and the email address will follow their account email, but also informed that they don't have to use that login for the community if they don't wish to. (That they can use any email they wish but it won't be linked to their account)

​If they already have a community account in that email, previously registered it will be merged and continue. If they have a community account in a different email, they should be made aware that it is possible to merge that account if they wish, into the PP email. I forgot about the FAQ thanks nataly, but even so it's hard to navigate for new members. (I'm obviously losing it...)

3 replies

That's several ideas @woz 😂
Hi @woz

We need to break this down a bit. There's three suggestions here, I think.

1. Ability to change energy account email on web
2. Automatically assigning a new member's PP energy account to a PP community account by using their email address for both
3. If a member somehow has two email addresses, one for their energy account and one for their community account, the community account should be merged into their energy account.

Good suggestions.

1. Ability to change energy account email on web

This is already doable. Go to web, menu, account, edit contact details

2. Automatically giving energy members a community account.

Very interesting indeed. This does happen sometimes. For example GiffGaff have this model. And we sort of do this too. If you go to the community for the first time while logged into app or web you just have to choose a username. We've already captured your email address because your logged in.

3. Merge community email account into energy account email

Not sure. I know we do have some members who are in fact two people! One of them may have the energy account in their name and email address, and has no inclination to go to the community. The other is in the community and is pretty active in here!

We’re very, very chuffed to say that emails are now aligned between PP account and PP community account.

Took a while, but we got there. One of those that makes me now want to lay down in a dark room, with a cold flannel on my forehead :joy:

This FAQ has the detail.