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Round up or down the monthly direct debit value

  • 4 March 2021
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Why can you not allow customers to select their own monthly direct debit value.

your automated system to clear the balance suggests a particular figure which I don’t like and wanted to amend.  I like to deal with round £.  Not £74.32 per month.  I would like to round it to £70 or 80. 

3 replies

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Hi @Customer-007 

Welcome to the Pure Planet community! When you post here you are not talking directly to Pure Planet but to your fellow customers - though staff do pick up on proposals posted in the Ideas section.

I'm pretty sure that if you have had an email suggesting a change to your direct debit, which is what your post suggests, that you can reply to the email and suggest an alternative amount that you are happy with.

If you've been with Pure Planet a few months you can request an account review and engage in a conversation about the exact amount of your direct debit.

If you are new to Pure Planet, then I think you can ask for this - contact them via Wattbot in Help and Support - make sure you start with message the team and persevere until it tells you it will pass your request to the team.



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I can confirm it’s possible to ask for and get a round figure, I too am ocd about such things and when I asked (through wattbot) for the figure to be exactly what I wanted it was done with no questions.

Mind you that was a long while ago but I can’t see why they would refuse.

It’s a good suggestion  to have an option to round it up (or down), you should post it in the ideas section, but don’t forget the figure has to be exactly divisible by 3 for both the warmer and colder payments to be rounded to £x.00


Thanks for posing this @Customer-007 

I’ve slightly amended the title to “Round up or down the monthly direct debit value” just to make it a little clearer (to me, anyway!) what the idea is. :thumbsup:

Though I’d bet the amounts would always be rounded down as the preference!