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Rates and Tariffs - it's still too difficult to find them - see image idea

  • 11 September 2020
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It’s still too difficult to find current rates, this is very basic and I think it should be this easy.

This is my idea:


6 replies

But does the insided community know each individual’s rates? Is there somewhere to link to on the main site? 

However, if you put that front and centre, won’t everything be front and centre eventually? 😇

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hi @25 quid I’m not advocating individual rates, customers with opened accounts can see those in app or online, I’m suggesting that whatever tatiffs are currently on offer should be easier to find.

I didn’t mention front and centre, not sure why that’s relevant to the suggestion.


Hi @woz. I was just reflecting on the fact that good ideas, to promote a particular useful item, would inevitably lead to many things being promoted to front and centre. Choices have to be made…

It’s like Covid. Choices have to be made to develop a home-brew tracking app 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 when there is an off-the-shelf one available. Oh, hang on, that’s a completely different thing… 🙄

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yes I understood why you wrote that, I’m thinking as a new customer who may want a quick fix , a one click these are the current prices and tariffs, I appreciate many just want a quote, and it’s equally difficult to dig out the tariffs on other energy websites, but as things stand, in my opinion,it’s just harder than it should be to check the options.
Aren’t tariffs and prices top dead (and front) centre anyway for most? Rhetorical, they aren’t, sadly it appears that it just the hypothetical direct debit amount and there it stops...

Hey @woz

On the Pure Planet website we like to make it clear where our tariff info is, and include it in the main header/menu at the top of the page. 

That takes people to, where they can get a quote and compare our current tariffs before switching. 

Tariffs on the PP website

Of course, Members may want more of an overview which is why we include the regional breakdown in our Members’ rates FAQ here in the Community:thumbsup:

Perhaps we could label the FAQs more clearly - currently that FAQ sits under ‘Pure Planet prices’. This could be ‘Pure Planet prices and tariffs’? 

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hmmm, now permanently wearing my stupid hat, I was hoping for a simple solution such that when typing in the word prices or rates or tariff into the search box I would be immediately confronted with a nice big button (my eyesight ain’t what it was, errr that’s not true, it’s always been poor...) with something along the lines of click here for current tariffs / prices / rates (choose yours)

In the last community before it changed I seem to remember marc tweaked it so that is what happened. Someone new coming along isn’t going to think “I’ll type in members rate(s), that should do the trick..”

I know not everything can be front of house, I understand that.

Perhaps it isn’t important, I think there is only me who sees it as a problem but then as I said earlier, finding prices on most suppliers websites isn’t that easy.