Post to explain why Members with new SMETS2 smart meters are being asked for readings

  • 16 August 2019
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I've spotted a trend (you'd be hard pressed not to) PP are going to get bitten by unhappy customers who either expect not to have to send readings or that their SM's aren't connecting.
In my opinion you need a prominent article that they can be pointed to explaining why they are still being asked for readings, why they aren't connecting and that with a new install PP have to configure their end so there may/will be a delay after install.
There have been quite a few complaints/posts, I'd like to be able to point at an article rather than having to explain it all.
​Yes there may well be all the info somewhere but it needs one easily findable point of reference.

2 replies

Hey @woz
Yes there's definitely a trend.
From mid-July anyone getting a SMETS2 should also be getting emails which explains this.
We're checking this out - it's possible that this email hasn't been sent out to all.
Good morning!
A top idea @woz and it's been fast tracked. Turns out not everyone's been getting the email which explained this.
Here's the post.