• 9 February 2019
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When you have a notification, be it 'likes' or private messages, you get a small envelope icon at the top of the page with a blue flag showing the number of notifications. Great, that's fine.

However, once you've had a look at the 'likes' and read your private messages the envelope icon disappears.

To go back and look at your messages you have to go into your profile / send private message / inbox. That's a bit of a faff. Can't the envelope icon remain and take you straight to your messages folders?

3 replies

Good call @Oakbank and well spotted.
The envelope icon somehow got lost in the new homepage design.
We're looking into this 🆙
Good morning @Oakbank
An exciting update.
We've got a community platform release tomorrow (Wednesday).
It's mostly to give the FAQs section a bit of design love, but we'll be restoring the envelope icon too!
The community will be taken offline for about an hour first thing in the morning while the work is carried out. More info here 🆙
All done this morning @Oakbank