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New forums, or sub forums? for meter upgrades questions

  • 14 February 2020
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Idea Status: We're Looking Into It

' Morning.

Marc and Nataly may be about to hate me, sorry.

I went to answer this https://community.purepla.net/threads/9274-Upgrade-power-cables-to-metre?p=48404#post48404

And for the life of me, although I'm convinced 'cable to meter' upgrades have been asked about before, I could not find the posts.

Therefore, I wondered, do we:

1: Need a 'meter upgrades' forum/subforum?

2: Need to merge all these 'meter upgrades' into one thread?

Just a thought.

And my apologies in advance if you go for the 'one thread' idea and have to 're-quote' all the posts to make sense - been there, done that, we didn't get t-shirts.

Kindest Regards (Honest)


1 reply

Hi @Gwyndy

Thanks for posting this idea. Interesting, and def has potential.
There's probably a few other topics that deserve their own sub-section.
To avoid having empty sub-sections we tend to wait until there's loads of posts about a specific topic somewhere, and drag them across.