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  • 18 January 2019
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just a suggestion, but could go lower down..

4 replies

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It's clear from the posts in the community that whatever processes are in place for people to leave are difficult for humans to find.
Also I'm convinced that some of the frustration is because people worry that they are going to be "stuck" with PP having to pay them when they've moved. Because of the communication channels and lack of instant reply they worry. I don't know how you solve that one but finding an easy way to a process that they can be confident about must be a good first step.
Opinions may differ?
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I did post a while ago that a dedicated tab was needed for folk on the move. When used it opens up a seperate page which scoops up all the needed info. Its on the roadmap but not heard anytging else.
Hi @Jon1 @woz
With our rollout of smart meters we've got a review of all of FAQs planned.
The process is actually pretty simple. All we need for Members to do is send us:

- Their final meter reading
- A forwarding address
- Details of who is moving in (if they know)

Even WattBot can handle this one!
Maybe people just assume it's not being looked at? They can't believe that's all they need to tell us?
Hi @woz @Jon1
Quickie on this. Once the new moving in/out form is in the app (as per this idea thread) it'll mean we can update the FAQs too.