More contrast in the text to improve readability

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​​My idea is that your web designers should test their design on less than perfect screens (non-ips) ​Not everyone has perfect eyes or perfect screens. With the web release you had an opportunity to improve the readability/contrast, but you've stuck to the scheme used on smart devices. (I do understand why). Maybe I'm in a minority here, and my screen isn't great but I think the contrast isn't very good on the example shown. The background on RHS should be darker, the ask your question text and other text on LHS isn't great either. Late edit I thought you might like to know what the screen looks like in less than ideal conditions, such as imperfect viewing angle, so I took a photo. I know it's an unfair test but it does demonstrate the readability issue quite well

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I agree wholeheartedly with @woz

(are we both gentlemen of a certain age I wonder...?)
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haha, all I know is on the last visit to the opticians he suggested I should have my arms lengthened...
I'll get me coat...
(I think I need a new screen too)

​Perhaps PP think their demographic should all be 18-45 with 20/20 vision
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Gentlemen of what age?????
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haha, you're only as old as (the person) you feel...

Gentlemen of what age?????
Hi @woz
Apologies, I completely missed the fact that this was done about a month ago.
Check out the web pages where there's darker grey on white.
Much more readable.

In our app it's controlled by the phone's own accessibility settings. Rather than us forcing it on Members, they're able to choose their preferred font size, whether to make it bold, etc.