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Members by postal code

  • 8 October 2018
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Idea Status: Under Consideration

Not sure if this would breach confidentiality rules, in which case it’ll go straight in the bin, but thought I’d throw this idea out there ;

Generating a map of the UK within the app, to show where your members live. Kind of colour coded areas, just roughly, to display to members.

7 replies

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This would be a tricky one, my employer would not be happy with this one,privacy and protection is a must, i dont even do referrals on their request for a worry of recognition. Not too sure PP are ready yet to reveal customer numbers yet either.
Maybe a county by county shading style map the darker the county the more members it has or what % of members are from each county but thats as far as i would be happy with.
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Thanks Jon 👍. Wasn’t sure, but thought that’d prob be the answer 😞
Hey @Bev
Hmm as @Jon1 says there's some confidential/sensitive info we need to be mindful of.
But what about a heat map? Something that gives a general indication?

Do you think other people will find this useful?

I suppose it would also encourage Members to refer friends/family/colleagues and see the heat map grow hotter where they live?
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Yes I genuinely DO think there’d be an interest Marc 👍. A lot of stuff we produce at work revolves around demographics, and always produces high interest. Yes think be worthwhile 👍. Pleased it’s being considered, thank you! 👏
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Regional by Tarrif or by county
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I don't think PP could give this info out in too granular a way as that would break GDPR or similar.

Having said that, if you want to know roughly where people reside then just visit the page about wanting a smart meter where people are happily volunteering the info. :)

A general heat map would work I think.
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That's right Keep it simple, a pie chart or heat map by regional %
At the end of the day is it that vital and more just a nice know.

I don't think I'm alone as not currently interested in a smart metre until there's no choice.