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Ideas Board - what it is, how to use it and guidelines

  • 18 September 2018
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Welcome to the Pure Planet Community ideas board. This is where you can share your latest and greatest thoughts on how we can build the best energy company.

We really want to hear your ideas, so here’s a few tips to help you get the most from this area of the community.

See a great idea? Upvote it!

When browsing the Ideas Board, if you see any ideas you like, be sure to ‘upvote’ it! This helps us see what the most popular ideas are to prioritise :relaxed: .

How to upvote an idea

Search before posting

This is really important. Searching for ideas means this board won’t end up cluttered with lots of topics on the same idea.

If you spot a thread with the same idea as yours, please add your thoughts to that thread, and upvote it to let us know you’d like to see the idea implemented.:arrow_up:

We’ll be able to see how popular an idea is by counting the number of votes it’s received.

Submit each idea as a new thread

If your idea hasn't already been suggested, create a new thread to submit it.
And if you've got several ideas for us (!) please create a new thread for each one. That way other members can easily add their own thoughts too.

Include as much detail as possible

Please take some time to explain properly what your idea is. Is it an idea for the app? Is it something about the community? Or is it about something else?

What problem is your idea trying to solve? Who will benefit from it?

This may sound excessive but, by taking the time to explain fully, we’ll better understand what you’re after.
Mockups, sketches etc can be helpful. But this isn’t too important as we have our own team of designers. 

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

We'd love to hear all your ideas - but of course we can’t do everything!

So, please don’t be too offended if some of the ideas - even the ones we love the most - need to be put on hold for now.

To help keep things simple, these are the areas where we can prioritise:

Community - the platform, how it works, what kinds of boards and sections we have, what type of content you’d like to see, what you really need.
App - how it works, what it does, what it looks like.
Website - content, look and feel.
Billing - how much, how often.


What will happen once you’ve posted your idea

We’ll acknowledge your idea and ask other community members for their input.
We may also ask questions to find out more info from you. We’ll investigate the pros and cons of the idea, and may get back to you for further clarification.

Status updates

Once posted, ideas will be given a 'status' so you know what's happening.

New - your idea has just been posted in the ideas board. Nice one!
We're Looking Into It - this is where we ask questions, and other community members can get involved too
Under Consideration - once our initial questions have been answered, and if your idea fits with the Pure Planet vision and strategy, it will go to our developers and execs
On The Roadmap - Yay! Your idea is coming
Working On It - our team are building this now
Implemented - your brilliant idea is now live! You're the best:yellow_heart:
On hold - we’d love to implement your idea! For now, it’s on hold until we’re able to work on it in future
Not For Us - thanks for your idea, but it's not quite what we're looking for. Maybe another time

That’s it! Now it’s over to you.
We can’t wait to see your ideas! :relaxed:

Marc and Nataly

15 replies

Hi @Bev
Excellent - glad you're liking this!
Your enthusiasm is brill 🙂
But - and it's my fault for not being very clear - can you submit the ideas one at a time?
Each idea should be created as a new thread. That way other members can chip in, and all the replies to each idea/thread will be about that idea only. Otherwise it'll be too tricky to follow.

(I will update the guidelines above so it's clearer that each new idea should be submitted as a new thread)
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Hello out there.
I commented on some posts and it said they wont be displayed till vetted. Is this an error or just a bit slower than i was expecting.
Hello @Jon1 :)
How's it going?
Yep @Bev flagged up the 'vetted' message too. That's been removed
Should be all good now
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Thanks for adding me 👍 😉
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Hello @Scubaseahorse and welcome to the ideas board!

I wonder what the collective noun for ideas board members is? A 'Rush' maybe?
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Thanks @Lenny,

😂🤣😉👍 I like that.
Hi All

​So this is where all the clever people hang out?

Not sure why they let me in then 😃
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Hee hee, welcome Gwyndy!
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For the clever, no one told me that, thought it was for the disaffected, the OCD's, the OTT's and the needy.
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Hi All,

I've been searching around the net for good eco schemes for schools and wondered if another feature of the website could be a link to a page dedicated to how schools can be more eco friendly, or even pop a link to the Eco schools website and maybe even work on some projects together. Just a thought.

Hope you're all enjoying the glorious weather.

Nanny O
Hello @Scubaseahorse and welcome to the ideas board!

I wonder what the collective noun for ideas board members is? A 'Rush' maybe?

​​​​​​​Or a kerfuffle perhaps?
25 quid;44348:
​​​​​​​Or a kerfuffle perhaps?

Or a Eureka? 😲
Or a Eureka? 😲