How to join and use the community....a guide, (here's one I started..lets get it up to scratch ?)

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here's one I started as..lets get it up to scratch if anyone thinks it's needed- if not @Marc just delete this
(Screenshots might help?)

1. How to join

To join you'll need to be on a device where you can retrieve your emails

Go to if you aren't there already!

Click on Register top right, you'll be taken to a form where you will be asked for your email, first name, last name and mobile number.
If you are a Pure Planet customer this should be the same email address you used to join Pure Planet, it does not necessarily have to be but if not and you later want to refer to your account when you post that is the best option)

It is possible to change your email later on.

Read the terms and conditions and click on accept.
You will be asked to set a username, (more detail and steps needed I didn't want to go through the process again to see what they were)it's best to choose a name which won't identify you as this is a public community

That's it you're ready to go.

2. How to log in

You'll need to log in only once, unless you choose to log out. Closing the webpage won't log you out.
To log in click log in top right, enter the email address you used to register then go to your emails where you will find a log in mail, open mail and click the log in button in the email.

3. Using the community
You'll find the guides to using the community here

etc. etc.

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really nice idea @woz
At the moment we've got a handful of guides, but I wonder that you could be on to something here. One basic guide for new community members could be v useful.
And then link out to the more specific how-to's such as how to embed a video, etc?
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yep, the basics are missing, that's why I posted this

We now have this shiny new guide on how to join the Pure Planet Community.

Plus all the guides in one place, too. Adding pics, creating polls, what badges mean.

Is anything missing? I’m sure there must be :wink: