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  • 15 November 2020
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Could we have some way of hiding threads that we have no interest in. Things like the new  " get me out of here " and the "strictly" threads, I have absolutely no interest in. I can ignore them and they will eventually disappear, but as soon as someone posts on the thread it reappears in the while you were away 

Not important, but very annoying if your not interested

8 replies

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An ignore thread button could be useful, but it would have to be accompanied by an accessible list (in your settings?) which would allow you to (dis-ignore or is it de-ignore or un-ignore -ignore those last 3 attempts at inappropriate prepositioning) re-instate any previously ignored threads.

Disclaimer although not necessarily for the same reasons as you’ve mentioned, and double disclaimer I don’t watch either programme but everyone to their own after all this is a diverse community.

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Keep tings simple too many tools (along with a DWB) for this and that is just for the very very few and seems like wasted energy. But as always I stand to be corrected and will take it on grin if I offend.

Whilst we are on the topic I flit around with strictly because it has it moments. I don’t get the get me out of here appeal, along with the celeb goggle box...

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Or simply, view your WYWA list in the usual way, IGNORE any thread titles that don’t tickle your fancy, then when finished reading all the posts that DO float your boat, head to homepage, and click “Mark all as read”. 

Theres always going to be topics that don’t appeal to everyone. Of course there are. But if the title doesn’t look to be your thing, don’t open it 🙃



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Hi @Bev 

I've looked for a mark all read previously, and I can't find it, are you using a phone or desktop to view the community.

As I said I do ignore the posts I'm not interested in, they just resurface when a new comment added, it's not important, but I do find it annoying 

Late edit.

I've just found it, when I've looked previously, the homepage is always on the latest post tab, but the mark all read button is only on the community sections tab.

Thanks @Bev  👍😀😀

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I love to see all the posts, whatever our community has got to say. If I'm not interested or can't help I just scroll on by. 

Apologies if my "Get me out if here" annoyed you.  It was only my third post ever so I'll keep quiet from now on 🤐...or try too🤣🙊

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Apologies if my "Get me out if here" annoyed you.  It was only my third post ever so I'll keep quiet from now on 🤐...or try too🤣🙊

No need to do that @LUCKY JO , your entitled to post about anything that interests you, I, like Strutt G can't see the appeal, I've always regarded the program as " I'm a has been, get me back on TV "


The other way of looking at it @Duppy is to hang out in the Following page and opt into the ones you like. Not what you wanted but…

PS How do I unsubscribe from this thread!? 😉

Subscribed/Unsubscribed thread lists will create extra work for the database - although considering how few of us there are currently, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue at present - assuming such an option even exists in the database. 
So far, I just do the same thing I do with ‘related threads’ - ignore their existence.

The easiest way I can see currently to avoid ‘uninteresting’ threads is to select ‘Help Others’ from the drop down, then you only get the questions, not the discussions.