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  • 12 February 2019
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How about offering ethical companies a link with PP on the website to theirs, perhaps even for a nominal fee if it is considered acceptable to do so?

There are countless companies, creators and events that are centred around ethical and environmentally friendly standards and ideals and because PP has such a great community spirit, I think that it could have the potential to work quite well.

Nanny O

8 replies

This is a wonderful idea @NannyOgg
I'm looping in @LauraS from our marketing team.
Maybe it'll start as a 'friends of PP' but I don't see why we couldn't also have arrangements in place whereby PP Members get a £ discount at checkout from, say, an ethical clothing company.
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Wow that's great. I've got a list scribbled down somewhere (yes I know, I need to get out a whole lot more). I'm more than happy to inbox you a whole host of companies and products I've come across.
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Hi @NannyOgg,

I love this idea! It's great that this is something you'd like to see. It's been on my radar, as a sort of sustainability guide.

Hypothetically, there would be different categories to explore like food + drink, fashion, transport, travel etc - with ideas, recommendations and hopefully discounts.

Further down the line, I'd love to be able to get some products from our 'PP Recommends...' sent to members in our community for reviews and recommendations too. As you said, it would be exciting if this is influenced and led by community spirit 🙂

Let me know your thoughts, I'd love if you shared your list of your favourite companies!
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Hi @LauraS.
I will get onto it straight away but I will also email the list to you and then you guys at PP can decide who you might want to have closer links with.
Shall I create a new thread on the community forum under ethical companies or should I leave that to one of you guys?

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@NannyOgg that's a great shout, definitely get a thread going 🆙 I'm really interested to hear everyone's recommendations - I'm always on the hunt for sustainable options 😃
An exciting update @NannyOgg
Our marketing team are impressed (and if you know marketing people, that takes some doing 😂) by your thread about links to ethical and environmentally-friendly companies.
Getting something similar on our website is now underway.
Nice one for getting that going, and keeping it going! Top stuff 💪
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Big thumbs up!!
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Wow,that's awesome. I thought it might have been a big flop but great to know it is creating a good amount of interest.