Extra category on knowledge hub page, "current app version"

  • 13 October 2018
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Idea Status: Implemented

on page:
an extra line under switching and joining labelled "current app version"
when clicked gives current version no., when released and history of changes and why.
Also a link to the app(s) for those browsing on their devices.
After all it is an app based 'product'...

5 replies

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But isn’t it on the home page Wozzy, when you click on the three lines in top right, then scroll down? Can’t remember but pretty sure it shows the version there 🤔
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hi Bev, yes but I’m referring to the community, and it’s not only the version but the history.
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Got you, thanks Woz 👍
Hi @woz
Very good suggestion. Nice one!
I've added this FAQ

to the switching & joining section to the

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That was an easy one, well done 🆙