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Email warning about Smart Meter reconfiguration

  • 11 September 2020
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When a customers meter is going to be configured by PP especially (but not exclusively) if it’s a dual rate meter, the customer should receive a warning a few days before telling them what the implications are and what to expect. 

1 reply

Hey @woz 

I’m changing this one to ‘on hold’ for now.

I’ve discussed this idea with our smart and marketing teams, and unfortunately it looks like right now this isn’t possible. 

We’re keeping an eye on any contact received about it though, which to date is very low - it primarily impacts SMETS2 meters, which are dynamic and able to be configured according to what tariff Members choose, and it seems the majority are aware of that. It’s also made clear to Members when booking in for a meter installation, so they’re made aware before choosing to go ahead with it.:thumbsup:

We’d absolutely like to be able to do this in future though, thank you for raising it as an idea.