Detailed FAQ section required on how E7 works with Smart Meters, what can and can't be done, and why

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Subject is self explanatory, prompted by another recent post about E7 and SM's here
I'm frustrated by this, it keeps rearing it's head and despite previous posts I and it appears many others still very unclear on the situation with E7 and what the reasons and remedies and repercussions if moving supplier are.
Please can we all have some definitive details in a FAQ?

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Hey @woz

Good idea🆙

What specific question/answers should be included?
For example, would you like it to focus on E7 with SMETS 2? And separately, E7's with storage heaters and SMETS 2? (If they can/can't be installed and why?)
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Hi Nat
I'm now thinking that this should be headed Are you on Economy 7 and cover all of the options, it's a big topic and deserves the full treatment.
It should cover E7 with dumb meters (nice and straightforward, irrelevant if you have a sealed timer) 2 readings submitted.

I have no idea what the situation is with SMETS1 and E7, whether sealed timer or not -perhaps you can find out?

E7 with Smets2, when you have an install which all the power switches at a certain time but you have your own timer on things including any storage heaters, will you still have 2 readings ongoing, see below. 5th wire not needed in this case if the meter does the timing (again see below)
E7 smets2 when you have a sealed timer with heating which only powers on at low rate
How the timing is set - different for different areas!! It could change if set in the meter (mine is split for example)
Appropos your previous answers about whether high and low rate will continue to be metered, whether customer will be able to revert to true E7 tariff if they have a Smets2 fitted important if you change supplier back to someone who offers E7 - this is very confusing and unclear, plus lots of other questions...
Sorry no time atm will continue, but hopefully others will ask their questions?

​late edit
just to add and I've mentioned this previously, having a SM fitted should not result in the customer being disadvantaged, and while I accept that your day and night rates are the same, if fitting a Sm2 meter to an E7 installation means the customer is disadvantaged because they were not aware of all the implications at the time and it's affected what they can do in the future, (I consider that to be disadvantaged), this has to be explained VERY carefully so customers know what they are taking on.
Hey @woz

We've just put up a new FAQ - Do smart meters work with Economy 7?

It covers traditional E7, SMETS1 E7 and SMETS2 E7 (both with and without storage heaters)

Great idea:raisinghands:
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Thanks Nataly
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Those who may want to move to an E7 tariff are going to be disadvantaged in two ways.

1. They won't be able to take the new E7 tariff with another supplier until the meter is reprogrammed, at this stage it is extremely unclear how other companies will or whether they will be able to react to this.

2. Customers will no longer have a record of the ratio of their peak to off peak usage, vital in choosing the correct tariff if switching

I for one am VERY unhappy if this is how it's going to work, my feeling is you should have programmed the meters for E7, and the meter would still give a total reading which you could use.

I would go as far as to say that anyone on E7 thinking of having a SM should be made aware of these disadvantages by both yourselves and Magnum before they go ahead.