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Confirmation sent when customer submits reading(s) or when you receive them?

  • 8 August 2020
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This gets more complicated the more I think about it. This is an opening salvo..

An automated (where possible) confirmation sent to customers who submit readings via log-in or a semi automated message or email when customers send in readings via wattbot or when you’ve received readings via any other route with the following:


Thank you for submitting your readings.

You submitted 01234 Electricity and 56789 Gas

It need say no more than that.

Repercussions or unintended consequences? I can’t see any.

Downside? Server energy

Benefit? Happier customers

Why? Because in certain instances some customers end up frustrated because they don’t have the confidence that you’ve received readings after they’ve sent them, and it will help capture the ones that send a reading into an email black hole. (if they don’t receive confirmation then you haven’t had the readings)

If you can sort an inbox out for the app (wattbot could be used? I’d prefer a messages tab) that would work in other circumstances where the submission is via any other route an email would be necessary.

(You’re now going to tell me it’s not necessary because the app eventually updates with the readings?  in which case I would respectfully disagree )

3 replies

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I may be missing something, but once i put in a reading i then go to usage and the reading is always there. If entered via wattbot then maybe somesort of confirmation but do that many people send readings via wattbot? 

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It doesn’t apply if readings are entered and properly updated via the submit readings route. There have been a few cases of people submitting (opening?)readings where they haven’t had an acknowledgement as far as I can make out from the posts.

Perhaps I expressed it badly.

Hey @woz 

We’re not too keen on sending more emails.

Also, once the readings are sent, there’s a big green tick to confirm it.