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Confirmation of meter numbers before the switch happens

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Confirmation of meter numbers by email before the switch happens, and details of what to do if they don't match.
This ties in with the statement at first payment, a little late but at least it would have the meter numbers and mpa/r n's on it.

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After I posted this I saw a post of correspondence a member had which seemed to have that info on it, but I don't remember getting anything like that.
So is that normal now?
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I definitely think this is a good idea. Currently, the design of Wattbot only requesting address could be quite dangerous, especially where addresses are ambiguous (Flat 1 = Flat A etc.) even asking customers, if they know, to enter their MPxN or Meter Serial Number would dramatically help reduce the numbers of members that then have a problem with switching.
Hi @MrSmart @woz

We're not keen on making this a default extra in the app for everyone during the joining process.
The reason is that for the vast majority of our new Members it's not an issue. And actually it could confuse others, or worse put them off switching.

But during joining we know pretty much straight away who is going to be affected by a possible glitch.
So for those people only we'll add an extra step in the app, before they confirm the switch, which asks for a photo of their meter number.
That feels more user friendly, and what's more won't affect the majority of new Members.

See what I mean?
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Hello @MrSmart and @woz

And further to this, if Members experience a glitch with their switch we've got plans to notify them and enable them to upload meter photos and MP*Ns if they know them via the app.
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When I joined another supplier, they did actually ask me to confirm the meter numbers by an email similar to the idea by @woz. I must admit though that it did stress me at the time, in terms of how on earth do I do that. I first looked at the meter's themselves - no clues. But, when I realised the numbers were buried in the bills from the supplier, it all clicked into place (but how did I know they were right). I guess its all down to the reliability of the meter number system in the first place, you would of thought it should be quite good unless a recent meter change???
I must admit though that it did stress me at the time, in terms of how on earth do I do that.

I don't like the sound of that @dgilbert2
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Providing you know where the numbers are and which are the rights ones, like a lot of things, its easy enough. But to get to that point, I didn't find easy as I've not known a supplier yet who actually gives some example meter pictures to follow. Maybe there are just too many variants now days!
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There is a gaping hole in the meter serial number issue. When joining PP we are asked to enter meter readings and confirm the serial numbers with only a few days to go before switchover.

1) Would it be possible for the serial numbers to be confirmed earlier?

2) if the serial numbers don’t match, what then? Some guidance would be helpful.
Hey @Oakbank
Nice one for getting stuck into the ideas board 🆙

2) if the serial numbers don’t match, what then? Some guidance would be helpful.

Yes! You're 100% right. We're going to improve the app to explain to new Members what they need to do if the numbers don't match.
Hi @woz @Oakbank @MrSmart
An update on this one.
We're not keen on emailing all Members. But when the app detects that serial numbers don't match for a small number of people joining, it'll ask for a photo there and then.
(I've slightly amended the title of this thread to reflect this)
Hi @MrSmart @woz @Oakbank
Some news!
Our tech team are now working on a new bit of app cleverness which will show the meter numbers to the Member once they've sent us their first meter readings.
As above, it'll offer them the ability to type in the correct serial number or add a photo, and confirm it. This will then be flagged up to our Member services team to look into.
Not much of an update, except that's happening.
Once there's some designs to share I'll post them in the community for your thoughts!