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  • 21 September 2018
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Idea Status: Implemented

Some parts of the community that should (in my opinion) be 'read-only' have allowed posting. many posts being not on-topic for those sections. This cause confusion, especially for newcomers who may not have fully explored.
For example
is full of posts

Any section that's that's FAQs or guides shouldn't be 'postable in'

I reserve the right to agree with myself (and, also to disagree with myself)
Your mileage may vary according to headwinds.

4 replies

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Well never considered that but yes i fully agree. Info only pages without comments would be a more pleasurable read.
Hi @woz @Jon1

We've got a community knowledge hub. That's where all the how-to info lives

I do think we need to do more to make this more visible though. We get a lot of posts in 'Ask the Community' which are basic questions, and the answers are in the knowledge hub, but must have been missed.

Linked to this subject, I want to expand our boards/sections on the homepage because we've got a lot of threads in 'Ask the Community' and it's asking a lot for people to wade through them all.
If they were split into subjects, say 'Joining', 'Sending meter readings', 'Questions about the app' etc. that feels like it would be easier for people to search and find the info they want.

What do you think?

Once those new boards are live, I'll spend some time moving old threads into them, and can close/hide those threads which are no longer valid or which have gone massively off-topic.
Hi @Jon1 @woz
Yes this a good shout.
I've sorted the guidelines thread

Now I'm starting to tackle this big beast
I may be some time..... If you don't hear from me in 24 hours, send help :rolleyes:
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Sounds like you will need a stiff drink Mark after that LOL 🆙