Change wording of email which confirms switch

  • 12 September 2019
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Idea Status: Implemented

When I first read this I though the switch had been reversed...
Why doesn't it say Great news, you're now being supplied by Pure Planet
OK I'm being pedantic...
...but then again you haven't flipped any switch have you?

6 replies

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What about “Great new! We’ve switched you on!” 🤷*♀️
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but I'm already switched on

(not personally you understand...)
What about “Great new! We’ve switched you on!” ������*♀️
It's being worked on now @woz @Bev 🤩
Shouldn't be too long now @Bev @woz

All our emails have been through a big review from our lovely marketing team.
Hi @Bev @woz
Nearly there!

Hey folks

Just to let you know that this has been done! The email is much clearer now.

Thanks as ever for helping. 😍