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Carbon counter.

  • 17 October 2018
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In true debt clock style,
how about a carbon clock on the app somewhere and on the website i suppose. Maybe even 2 of them one for electric and gas obviously. A continuous increasing counter showing co2 saved and offset by pp customers.
Not sure people will spend more just to see it rise faster but you know some people!!!!

6 replies

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Hi @Jon1

Love it ❤️

I'll look into this one and speak to our data scientists. It'll need some app and web development time so one for next year, but everyone loves a counter!
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I do like the concept of this which got me thinking, ie in terms of how much being a customer of PP we as individuals contribute towards a "greener" planet (The PP planet icon in the app could turn more green, the more we contribute towards a greener planet?).

Not sure on the how to measure it though because as you rightly say @Jon1, if not careful it could just say the more energy you use, the "greener" you are. That's not quite right though. Perhaps the old incentive of using energy at a particular time of day when more green energy is being produced?
Quick update on this @Jon1
There's two bits of work.

1. Carbon counter for each Member. This is going in the app. It'll show you exactly how much CO2 you've saved since you've been on supply with PP. This is on the roadmap.
2. Carbon counter for all Members. This will go on our website. It'll show a less exact figure of how much CO2 we've saved so far. It'll be a great way of promoting renewable energy, and showing that our Members do make a big difference.
Hey @Jon1
Just to say that we've not forgotten about this!
The carbon savings for all members. We're thinking a good start would be to include this in the new monthly newsletter.
More on that idea here.

Hey @Jon1 

We’re now including Members’ carbon savings in our monthly email newsletters :slight_smile:

Obviously, this gives a snapshot each month - we’re looking into how we could use similar info to show more regular carbon savings updates, likely on our website:thumbsup:

Hey everyone,

Just an update to let you know this is still on our radar! :grinning:

We’re hoping to be able to gather feedback on this feature soon so be sure to keep an eye out on our PP futures and testing & feedback sections.

The work so far is looking at providing an individual carbon/ impact counter in Members’ accounts, while continuing to display all Members’ collective carbon savings in our monthly newsletters :thumbsup:.