Can we have more info and clarity about how to add a name to account

  • 22 April 2020
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Given that one of the main reasons for adding a name to the bill is for identity purposes the FAQ at
is inadequate and misleading (not deliberately so I hope).
It does not specifically say that the name will appear on the statement (which is what is required in most cases), neither does it explain that the name will or won't appear on the statement.
I strongly suspect that the reason for this is that the adding a name won't actually put the name on the statement, in which case the FAQ is misleading, but even if I'm wrong this needs a new FAQ and clarification.
In case anyone asks me what prompted this it was a couple of recent posts, one of which led to a customer leaving, ironically because the correct procedure for changing the name on an account was actually followed.
Sorting this should go some way towards helping...

4 replies

Hey @woz

We could add more info to the FAQ, it is quite sparse!

That's because if you type 'add name to account' in WattBot, he takes Members through the steps and explains everything in detail depending on why they'd like the name added!

We don't support two names on statements since only one person can be responsible for the Direct Debit, but there are many other reasons for adding a name to an account via PSR.

That's why there's a more general 'add name to account' FAQ that directs Members to WattBot, as that covers all reasons for adding a name. Does that make sense?🤔

We could add a sentence to the existing FAQ that mentions statements specifically?
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hi nat
​​​​​​​Glad you agree...
(That it's explained in wattbot doesn't really mitigate the inadequacy of the faq.)
Hey @woz

New FAQ underway stating that:
- joint names won't appear on statement
- suggestions of other documents you can use for proof of address (in most cases this is why Members would like it!)
- how to contact WattBot to add a name, and that this means the authorised contact will receive copies of statements and be able to communicate with Member Services about the account

I think that covers it!

This is now live!

We’re still working on the FAQ redirects, so new FAQ can be found here :smile: