Bills to be accessed via app

  • 6 February 2019
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​Hi, It would be helpful if we could access statements from the app. At the moment we get a personal email with a link to the statement. Could it be possible to have that link on the app? Or the bills stored in the app?

7 replies

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Sorry, I meant statements to be accessed via the app as well as being emailed to us. As at the moment if I want to have a look at statements I have to come out of the app and sign into my email account.
We love this idea @Angelabikerbabe
It's one of those obvious ones that we should have already!
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Hey @Angelabikerbabe
A quick update. This is now being worked on by our tech team.
We'll soon have some early designs to share in the community :)
I'll post those in the testing and feedback section soon!
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Nice one 👍👍👍
Hi @Angelabikerbabe
I've just posted in the testing & feedback section some designs 🙂
Done! In the latest app/web update 😁

For now, we're still going to send monthly statements via email, too. 👍