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Adding meter type to switch page

  • 16 December 2019
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Is it possible to ask potential customers when asking for details during the switch process what type of meter they have. There have been a few posts recently about , I have a smart meter why do I have to give readings, I expected you to use my smart meter etc
​​​​​​​if you ask about the meter type, if smart selected a popup box appears" We may not be able to use your smart readings immediately, you will need to give manual readings " or words to that effect. That way they are fully informed before switching instead of complaining after. This also applies to pre payment meters, E7 etc

3 replies

Hey @Duppy

This is a really interesting idea, and I definitely see where you're coming from!

I think if members were asked to input their meter type that could potentially cause more confusion, since there's a chance the wrong meter type is entered/selected and then incorrect info is received.

It'd be great if we could identify someone's meter type when they start their switch, but due to the way the switching process works unfortunately that's not currently possible (plus, information held on the national gas and electricity databases isn't always up to date).

In terms of smart meters - that hopefully won't be an issue for much longer as we'll be receiving enough 'smart' readings for people to stop sending them manually🤞

Maybe if there was a way for the relevant info for someone's account to be shown to them on the Community, that could help?
e.g. if someone has a SMETS2 account and creates a Community profile, they're shown SMETS2 related content ahead of E7 content (for example)?

It’s a good idea @Duppy and 100% the right intention, but this would be a huge barrier to people switching.

Overall the energy industry needs to improve the switch process.

Collectively we’re all working towards making the switch process much, much faster, and better data on meters is key.

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Nice idea but i wonder how many makes and models along with photos of the IHD would be supplied. A lot of folk think that is the smart meter.