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Ability for users to set their own 'default' viewing preferences

  • 7 January 2021
  • 1 reply

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Is it possible for users to change their ‘default’ setting to view comments? It appears to be that the oldest posts are shown as ‘Oldest first’ by default, and I must admit I find that a little misleading at times especially as some of the conversation threads are over a year old and may not have been commented on for weeks/months.

I appreciate people have different viewing preferences and understand that you can switch to view ‘most recent’ comments, however, if you then contribute a post to a conversation (when in ‘newest first’ view) thread reverts back to the default ‘oldest first’ view which is a little frustrating. 

1 reply

Thanks for posting this idea @myauntie 

My personal preference is oldest first, so that I can see the context/background and how the conversation evolves. But I get that not everyone’s the same as me! (thankfully….)

And, yep, I can see why having to change it to newest replies first every time could become annoying.

I’m having a chat with the techies about it.