a "What happens when I leave Pure Planet" FAQ in Payments & Billing section

  • 4 September 2020
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I think a specific "What happens when I leave Pure Planet" FAQ in Payments & Billing section is needed.

It should have final bill timescales (and why)
Details of what happens to account access
What happens if you re-join
What to do if you need support after you’ve left
and anything else you can think of that’s relevant


. It could be also added to the billing section, after all there is no harm in duplicated routes to the same info.

This is about where you would logically expect to find the information, I expected to find it there, 

(now awaiting being shot down in flames….)

5 replies

Hey @woz 

Interesting idea - we do have how do I leave, and when do I get my final bill FAQs with that info in the Joining and Switching section - maybe we could move the final bill one to payments and billing, instead? 

Having duplicate FAQs could get a bit confusing in terms of menu and search options, I think!

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hi @Nataly 

a specific "What happens when I leave Pure Planet" FAQ

it doesn’t matter if the same info is available elsewhere, what matters is that someone searching for that info sees it and finds the info they need. (is my take)

Hey @woz 

I’ve added a new FAQ ‘What happens if I leave Pure Planet’ under our Statements and billing section, with info about final bills (and timescale), what happens with any remaining debit/credit, and how to get in touch once your account’s closed.
I’ve also moved the ‘When do I get my final bill’ FAQ to that section to help make that info as accessible as possible to those who need it :thumbsup:

That’s along with our ‘How do I leave Pure Planet’ FAQ under our ‘joining and switching’ section. 

Think that covers it? :slight_smile:

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hi Nat. Great! yes, I think it does….

I thought it was a good suggestion, (but then I would say that wouldn’t I (apologies to Mandy Rice-Davies)

sorry about all the work...


Nice one @woz, I’m marking this one as implemented in that case :slight_smile: