A sensible (I hope) suggestion after some recent customer feedback (bereavement)

  • 30 September 2020
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I think you  need a dedicated faq for bereavement, there could be a way of picking this up as those who have to deal with such unfortunate events could be asked to send an email to with the word bereavement in the subject line. Your staff would then deal with this on a human level as your systems will be made to flag any such emails.

This will help reduce the stress for those unfortunate souls whose family member (or otherwise) has passed. It’s a stressful enough time as it is.

The faq could include details of what the emailer can expect to be asked or what action they will be expected to take.


5 replies


That is an excellent idea Woz and should be simple to do. 👏👏  

Its hard enough when you lose someone. 


Hey @woz 

Thanks for suggesting this.

Wanted to check something here. We do have an FAQ about this already.

It has ‘bereavement’ in the title, as well as ‘passes away’ has that is also searched for. 



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thanks marc, yes I did find it some time later but the key word in the email subject line suggestion might be a good idea..

Would it not be ‘nicer’ to actually have a dedicated form, rather than expect someone to say they are ‘moving in’?

Perhaps titled, ‘change of account holder’?



Yep, that’s the plan. We know that a move in form for bereavement isn’t great. :thumbsup: