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A message is needed if changes to the account are being made which may impact the customer

  • 28 January 2021
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When a customers account isn’t running normally because for example a meter has been changed or for any other reason (perhaps it’s being reviewed or recalculated) the customer may not be able to implement a change or some other function of the app may not work as expected.

I think there should be a flagged message in the account to warn the customer that changes to their account are in progress, and either try later or contact us. That way the customer won’t end up posting on here when something doesn’t work as expected (perhaps a tariff change for example)

The same comment applies when someone moves out, they may want to move it at their new property but the app may not be ready. Why not warn them that it won’t work yet?

3 replies

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just a little bump here.. 

I agree wholeheartedly with @woz, and to paraphrase my post from here Credit balance | Community (purepla.net)


The statements or online account need to make it clear, should no usage be registered, that there is/may be an issue with the account, and that the ‘large outstanding credit’ these members think they are ‘owed’ is merely ‘an illusion’? - with the use of messages such as:
‘Your account billing is currently paused...’
The information in this statement is subject to change due to….’ 

I would assume Pure Planet’s main to methods for reaching customers regularly are in app/online and monthly email of statement, so if either one is not working for some reason, the other needs to make it clear there’s an issue.

Just my tuppence worth’s 



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