What sustainable things would you buy for £25?

  • 23 March 2018
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Hello lovely Pure Planet Members! I'm Laura from Marketing at Pure Planet.

I'm interested in what you would treat yourself to with your £25 Amazon voucher -which you get from us if you refer a friend.

I'm particularly keen to hear about any sustainable items you'd like.

I've had some great suggestions already, like LED light bulbs, sustainability related books and DVDs but I'm keen to hear from you!
Got a great idea? Post below! 🙂

If you'd like to refer a friend, just head over to the Pure Planet app. On the homepage, tap on 'Refer a Friend' and send your share code to your friends and family.

5 replies

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Sadly i cant refer myself or anyone else in order to protect my employers privacy so miss out on that one. But for £25 i would get greenhouse items to aid in the growing of homegrown food.
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Hi Laura, I think if I were to recommend PP to family and friends, I would use the 25 notes to buy one of two things;

Either a VEGAN cookery book, as I’ve been veggie for just over thirty years now, and adore vegetarian cooking, but keep contemplating the vegan idea. Would have to find out a lot more about it first, and get recipe ideas, before jumping right into it, but that’s something I’d deffo consider doing in the future.

Secondly, my other option would be to put it towards a new pair of Sketchers walking shoes, as I walk just about everywhere now since completely giving up the car a few years back. Not only keeps me relatively fit, but saves on the extortionate gym membership I was paying!

Both options would be a little way of helping the planet too!
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A rechargeable torch to avoid (some) battery landfill and of course it will come in useful for the next power cut!
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Thanks everyone- all great ideas.
@Jon1 that's a great idea, and perfect timing for spring planting as well! Really accessible, planting is something everyone can do.
@Bev great suggestions, I think some gentle guidance on how to eat veggie or vegan would be very popular. Also love your take on sustainable transport! Great way to get exercise too.
@woz very handy! Great practical idea to save on batteries.

If you come up with any other ideas, let me know 😃
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The science museum sell a torch that is kinetic. No batteries just shake it to charge.