What is WattBot? How to use your virtual assistant

  • 30 June 2020
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WattBot is your 24/7 virtual assistant who can answer many questions about renewable energy, Pure Planet, and questions about managing your account.

You can ask him a question straight from your account - on your app, or when logged in at purepla.net. 

Go to help in your account (menu > ‘get help and support’) and tap on ‘Ask a question’.

Ask a question

Then search your question - keep it as clear and as brief as you can - such as ‘When should I send a meter reading’.

Then hit send - the paper aeroplane icon.

WattBot’s powered by some clever machine-learning technology which means the more questions you ask, the more it learns.

WattBot is answering hundreds of questions from Members every day - currently over 80% of queries are handled by him!

Here's a list of key phrases you can ask WattBot to get the answer you need:

If you think you should be paying a different amount each month, or are due a refund
Review my account

If you've entered the wrong meter reading(s)
Entered wrong reading

Problem with IHD or smart meter commissioning
IHD problem

If you've been notified of being switched away in error
I'm not leaving

Query about missing reward vouchers
Where's my reward

Add a name to your account
Add name to account

Preparing for an EV
I need an isolation switch; upgrade meter for EV charging; upgrade meter tails

Getting your gas or electricity meter moved
I need to move my meter

COVID-19/coronavirus concerns
coronavirus help


If you’ve got a question specific to your account which WattBot can’t answer, he’ll ask if you want to send a message to our Member services team.

Our team will reply to your message within three working days. It’s not a live-chat service, and they’ll respond to every message they get.

When the team replies to your message you’ll receive an SMS text notification to let you know.

Your conversations with WattBot are stored for three months, in case you need to refer to an earlier chat.

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