New builds - does Pure Planet connect to mains?

  • 30 June 2020
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We’re currently unable to set up new gas and electricity connections for newly built homes, but as we grow it’s something we’ll be looking at doing.

If you’re building a new house and need to arrange a new connection, you’ll just need to contact your local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) for your electricity and your local gas transporter. Once they’ve completed their works they’ll provide you with an MPAN and MPRN - you can then choose an energy supplier who installs the meters in your home and supplies your energy.

If you’re moving into a newly built home it’s likely you’ll already have an assigned supplier (arranged by the property developer) who should get in contact with you about your energy.

Don’t forget that once you’ve moved in and you’re on supply, you can switch to Pure Planet in just 60 seconds! Here’s a guide on how to switch.

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