Picking up a new electric vehicle – what should we ask the dealership?

  • 8 January 2019
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My sister-in-law is picking up her new Zoe shortly and since her husband recently passed she has asked me to go with her when she collects it from the dealership.

I have zero experience of EVs and would be grateful for any advice on what questions we should ask? Anything we need to do on the day? She doesn't posses a smart phone - how useful (necessary) are they?

She has had the 7kWh power point installed.

Many thanks.

5 replies

Hi @Lenny
When are you picking up the Zoe?
Smart phones are useful to access maps (such as Zap Map) for finding charging points. Renault may also offer an app which tracks the car's battery and/or efficiency, but I'm not 100% sure of that.
Otherwise I don't think you need one for an EV.
I suppose if I were a complete Zoe newbie I'd ask questions about the range, but I'm sure that will come in a driver's pack. And when it needs a service etc.
I believe there is a deal for Zoe owners whereby the battery is actually leased, if though the car is owned.

Looping in a few other Members who have more EV experience @VijayB especially @Sallyent and @linesrg who both own a Zoe, and @Marlango who is getting one (I think!) 🆙
Hi @Marc,

Many thanks for that - I think she is due to collect it in about 2 weeks time, the dealership has not yet set a date.

When she and my brother ran the numbers they concluded they would be better off purchasing the batteries. I believe they come with an 8 year/100,000 mile/66% battery capacity warranty (whichever comes first).

I would be interested to hear from any Zoe owners regarding servicing - is it worth pre-paying?

I got a good deal on a 5 year service plan with MOTs when I bought a Hyundai i10 last year.
Sorry a bit late to this party.

Cannot really comment on a Zoe but if you have not already picked it up,

I would get them to show you how to charge the car, safely insert, lock and remove the plug etc.
How to set up any pre-conditioning if it is offered on the car, so that you can set a timer to warm up (or cool down) at a set time.
If there is an app, get them to set it up with you and show you all the features
I would also look to see if there is a facebook group for your car (there is one for the leaf and also the i3), join that and there will no doubt be an intro post with all sorts of useful info in there
Ask the dealer for the service intervals and cost, then work out if the service pack is cheaper - also ask if you
can buy the service pack at any time before the first service (like you can with BMW) or does it have to be there and then
See if they can throw in a Type 2 charging cable (or appropriate non 3 pin plug cable for your car)
See if they can throw in any membership to charging schemes - Polar etc

thats it from the top of my head - the best bit is to seek out the facebook group, that will have loads of info for you
Great tips @VijayB 🆙
Totally agree about getting someone to show you how to set up timer-controlled heating/AC and taking you through the app.
I downloaded the Nissan Leaf app and managed to work out how to turn on the car's heating from the comfort of my lounge!
But since then the app logged me out and I can't seem to get logged in again! (apps, eh?! :rolleyes:)
Hi! We're on our second ZOE now..

There are a couple of things it is helpful to be sure you have when you collect the car, or chase up once you have it!

1- The SD card with the Maps has been fitted.
2- That the ZE Services have been activated and they have supplied you with the code you will need to set up your account at http://services.renault-ze.com/ This allows you to see the charge the car has, stop and start charging remotely and also get the car to pre-heat / pre-cool (in summer) using your smartphone or the website. It also allows you to set up a charge calendar so you can get the car to only charge at certain times of day or night so you can make best use of lower rates, or make sure you are only charging when there is less demand on the grid so you're using less 'dirty' electricity.
3- The charge cable is in the boot (I think the storage bag has been deleted recently).

It is worth her doing some basic research on the various charging networks, how to access them and charge her car whilst out and about. Not having a smartphone makes this difficult with most to be honest, such as the Electric Highway on the motorways, as these are smartphone only. There are a very small number of 22kW posts at a handful motorway services which you can activate with an Electric Highway RFID card (free on request) and use with your own cable. Polar Plus network is RFID based and costs £7.85 per month - some charge points are then free to use, others at 10.8p per kWh.

There is a good network of information from the Renault Zoe Owners Club, both website and FB page. Also, plenty of advice on the SpeakEV forums, with a Zoe specific area.