Single public electric car charging system

  • 7 April 2021
  • 2 replies

 I am concerned that every charging company is using its own system and expects drivers to have a contract with them. Can a campaign be organised for every company that supplies electric charging facilities to use the same system and for drivers to be able to pay by bank card? Basically, it will the same system as fossil fuel companies currently use: drivers can go to the most convenient/cheapest station to recharge regardless of which company is supplying it.

2 replies

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I agree. It’s a total pain in the wotsit that every time I drive the Leaf on a long-ish journey I have to make sure that the public charging points I plan to stop at have the right chargers, and that I have the right means of paying  for it.

This has to be addressed if we’re to get everyone to adopt EVs. I suppose we’re in the strange place between ‘early adopters’ and ‘mainstream’ and the market will probably decide?


I think that it needs some kind of campaign organising.  I did try via ‘Change’ but as I do not use any social media I was unable to raise any support to get my petition off the ground.  I also emailed the minister of transport but did not receive a reply.  I will try through the Labour Party and, in particular, Ed Milliband, whom I heard on the radio a few weeks ago talking about the need for green energy investment.  I don’t know whether, as an energy supplier, Pure Planet can liaise with others to provide pressure?