Not quite my dream EV project?

  • 6 August 2020
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A little over a year ago I had planned to fit an EV power train to a 1962 VW Karmann Ghia that my son was restoring. Having looked at a web site of a company specialising in converting classic cars to EVs, it seemed that the cost of the parts could be had for around £8,000.

You can find the original thread here:

Although the pictures appear to be missing?

Then Pure Planet kindly gave me a ticket to the Fully Charged Live Show that took place last year at Silverstone. The same company was exhibiting, but now when I enquired, they wanted £25,000 just for the parts. There are clearly some well heeled classic car owners for whom money is no object!

Attending the show did make all the more determined to get an EV though. I thought my requirement were pretty modest, namely:

1. Range at least 150 miles

2. 4 door

3. No longer than my i10 (3.7m)

4. Reasonably priced

The VW eUp, Skoda Citigo e iV, and the SAET Mii all share a common platform and are fundamentally the same car. At the beginning of 2020 these were the only options that I could find that met all 4 criteria. In the end I opted for the Skoda as it came in a base model version (SE) at little over £17,000.

I sold our little used camper van (which I did use for an overnight stay at Silverstone) for £12,000, so only had to find £5,000 of ‘new’ money.

After a 6 month wait I took delivery last week. I think the economics are going to work out well. The i10 cost me around 11p/mile in petrol, whereas the Skoda Citigo e iV will cost around 3p/mile. So for my annual mileage of 9,000, this represents a saving of £720. Plus the T5 VED of £325 I’ll save.

Let’s hope it lasts long enough to reap the savings benefit, but in the meantime I do appreciate one pedal driving!


3 replies

Brilliant stuff @Lenny red suits you!

A pity the ‘dream project’ didn’t work out but this car looks great. And I bet the acceleration is good?! :wink:

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Does look a lovely car, Lenny! Fab to see you back here 👍👍👍👍👍

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As I frequently have to pull out onto busy stretches of the A30 with no slip roads, I am indeed most grateful for the good acceleration and the absence of a gear stick!