Move over Elon Musk.... Are these the first real EVs which were built in 1967 in Scotland?

  • 22 April 2020
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We love electric vehicles here at Pure Planet (so long as owners charge them with renewable energy, of course!) and we're excited to be running an EV pilot with our Members.

There's some amazing technology and design coming together in today's EVs. Elon Musk's Tesla range is leading the pack right now, but the likes of Nissan and Renault and VW are not so far behind.

But check this short video of a documentary which aired in 1967 of possibly the first EVs, one called 'The Scamp' built by Scottish Aviation, and another called the 'Coaster'.

According to the BBC presenter, The Scamp had a range of 40 miles. Which is pretty good!


3 replies

Oh, I think they were at least 50 years behind the times.

This, for example is a Detroit Electric from 1911, the 1914 model went 241 miles - although the batteries died at the end of it.

Hahaha love it @Gwyndy
That's further than my Leaf 😂
Hahaha love it @Gwyndy
That's further than my Leaf 😂

True, but you can recharge your Leaf and make a return journey.

Is this your Leaf in action?