Getting isolation switch fitted

  • 7 April 2020
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im hoping someone from PP can contact me. I’m getting an electric car and before the charger company can fit the charger they need an isolation switch fitted and my meter tails extended. I’ve read the forums in relation to this and know the fees. I’m just struggling to get a message to the team to arrange this ASAP as I’m a key worker.

Ive tried doing this via the web bot thing but o just keep getting referred to FAQ’s

can PP please help me?

​​​​​​​J. McAuliffe

5 replies

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Hello jmac..

when you goto wattbot type " message the team " first then ask your question this will then get passed to the human dept.
under current situation only emergency meter worked is being carried out so you may have to charge via a wall socket in the short term. Maybe find a local public rapid charger where you can sit wait and charge if need be. Bp petrol station, shopping center and the like.
Hi, where can I find out the costs for installation of an an isolation switch?
Hi @ianhayman.

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This is apparently what it cost last year:

Thanks for your responses. For info PP are able to install the isolation switch for a rather eyewatering price of £152.16. It has been a week now and I am still waiting for the Engineer to call for an appointment, so I have no idea when it will actually get done.

The best thing to do would be type 'Message the Team' into WattBot, and find out if that is still current.
This FAQ may also help @ianhayman @Gwyndy


I found it to be a bit of a pain having to organise the isolation switch and the fuse box upgrade. The latter is done by your Distribution Network Operator.
Thanks for the info. The price is still the same. But they cannot do it at the moment!