EV Tariff arrival

  • 14 June 2021
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sure this has been asked a million times

is there any update on the date for your EV tariff? my fixed period is due up soon and as much as i want to stay with pure planet there are some real attractive rates out there for “green energy”.




2 replies

Hi @anders0_3 

The discussion regarding the EV Tariff situation is in this thread:
Pure Planet EV tariff - short delay while we prioritise more support for all our Members | Community

The last post from a Staff Member was this from @Marc 

Thanks for the nudge. I appreciate you'd like some more info.:relaxed:
Right now I'm unsure exactly when there'll be tariff news to share. I know that it's being worked on, alongside much else.
There's other news coming soon, some really good stuff which I'm sure will be of interest, but the EV tariff itself is now looking more likely to be in the summer.
Totally get it if you can't wait and you'll be looking to see what's out there. We've got really cool things coming so I'm hopeful we'd be able to tempt you back in the future!

Hello @anders0_3 

Thanks for posting!

@Gwyndy is bang on here - the latest is what is quoted from Marc above, we’ll update you as soon as we know more!

I hope this helps!