EV Home Charger

  • 29 July 2020
  • 2 replies

We are looking to get an EV home charger installed for a Tesla which is our first EV. We are confused over which charger to get - what are your experiences/recommendations? 


2 replies

Hi @Ju713t 

Nice one for getting stuck in :grin:

When I got my Nissan Leaf I went with Charged EV. Mind you, I didn’t have any choice - that’s who the leasing company use as ‘partners’. 

There was a bit of faff as I needed to upgrade the amp and fit a ‘double pole isolation switch’ but once that was sorted, they got it done. So no complaints.




Get a Type 2 thethered unit of whatever you like the look of. 7kW single-phase.

If you happen to happen to have three-phase power (unlikely), then get a compatible charger to achieve 22kW output.

For example - we are likely to have an Andersen A2 charger fitted as it is the only unit I can find where the cable is neatly tucked away out of sight when the charger is not in use.

Zappi and EO Mini units are other ideas.


Probably might need to upgrade your meter tails and install an isolation switch - Pure Planet can arrange that for a fee.

And also might need to upgrade your main fuse - your local DNO can do that for free if meter tails (above) have been updated to be large enough (will need to be 25 mm sq. for 100amps main fuse).


Hope this helps, and I trust your love of your Tesla is only going to increase!