EV car grant cut today

  • 18 March 2021
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The government has just cut the EV car grant to a maximum of £2,500 (down from £3,000) and is restricting it to cars costing less than £35k (down from £50k). It takes effect immediately.

Wrong move at the wrong time? The car industry thinks so…

The Department of Transport says it is targeting the money at more affordable cars for more people…

2 replies


More and more EV models coming to the market and average price is falling. Also, most sales are on finance.

The company car tax breaks for EVs are already really generous, which will stimulate the used EV market, etc.

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I agree with this, at a time when the country is in so much debt, we can't continue to subsidize EV's, especially the ones costing £40,000 +.

I also think any subsidy should also be only for UK built/assembled cars. At least then the government gets a bit if it's money back in taxes from the workers wages, where as at the moment the subsidy money goes to other countries. Although this would limit the choice somewhat, but it is your choice whether to support the UK car industry, and before anyone asks ,NO I don't work in the industry