eo mini pro 2 and pure planet

  • 8 February 2021
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Hi , I’ve posted before about getting this charger. I now have it installed and good points are : size and looks and earth rod , however the Garo device does make a small hum and I’m told this is normal. 
Anyway , what I’m really trying to do is look at the charging history , so far I’ve managed to figure out how to display this but I can’t seem to put a value in for electricity used ie used 1 kWh but cost shows 0.0 ? I can’t see anywhere to enter the unit costs ? 
if someone could tell me , that’d be great .



2 replies

Hi @Angeblu 

No idea.
So I found the book
Still no idea after looking at that, sorry.

I’m sure someone else will weigh in with more help...

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The user guide is HERE

I have no idea as to how or even if it’s possible, is it perhaps under my profile in the menu?

there are contact details for EO on page 14 of that guide , drop them an email or call?

The EO Support team can be reached at:
• Email: support@eocharging.com
• Phone: +44 (0) 333 77 20383

I’m unable to attach the manual, it won’t let me! @Marc  it’s showing an error when I try to upload the pdf?