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  • 24 November 2021
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Now have i missed it or is it not true ? 

Maybe its brexit propaganda but in german news about the uk i saw a quick snippet that stated that from next year sometime all new and major refurbished houses and commercial properties will by law have to have electric car charging points installed. 

Has this already been posted or as trump would say is it fake news. 

9 replies

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I saw an article title about it earlier. I didn’t read the article so I don’t know any details but it was either on bbc news or sky news app. 

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@Mavis1 It’s currently a new edict and not yet enshrined in legislation. No doubt when it is there will be so many caveats as to render it meaningless. For a start the current substation infrastructure won’t cope with any potential load. 

That said you have to start somewhere but the developers are not going to shoulder the cost of infrastructure upgrade which will be passed onto the buyers. This will mean house price inflation of a lot more than the cost of a charger and install.

I wish politicians would stop spouting sound bites that sound good before looking properly at viability. 

Here’s a news link for you @Mavis1

I find it interesting they’ve also said that new homes should include space for bike storage. They barely even have enough room to swing a cat at the moment so not sure where all that extra space will appear from. :thinking:

It is, at least, a positive step forward to see an increase of chargers at commercial sites and offices though, isn’t it? That one may be easier to implement, too! 

How much room do you need to swing a cat?! I have never tried. Tempting if my neighbour’s does not stop defecating on my lawn!

More seriously. In recent years many builders have stopped providing garages or if they do the garage is so small it is useless and owners convert them into additional rooms. But they have also made estate roads narrower making it chaotic to park sometimes without parking on footpaths (if there are any). The law is to change to make it illegal to park on a footpath and that will add to the chaos. Add to this the fact that with most modern estates there are provisions that you cannot keep caravans on the property for more than a few days each year and no commercial vehicles. Many just ignore the latter.  The local authority won’t take any action unless the commercial vehicle is parked within 15 feet (think that’s the distance) of a junction.

To get more houses on the land developers have made discrete changes to squeeze them in. To have an EV charger there has to be space for the EV unless they permit parking on the already narrow road and have the charger standing at the kerbside.

Two other solutions. One is a retractable cable that you plug in and reels out from the boot of your car as you drive away! The other is ban cars. The latter is always a possibility in the minds of some.


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have a look at THIS 

(don’t you just love it when a plan comes together)

@woz that reminds me of the bollards in my City to control traffic entering the inner city areas. Bollard controlled and you had to pay on leaving. The joy was seeing those imbeciles thinking they could drive quickly enough behind another who had paid to escape payment. The bollard came up and crunched their engine with devastating results! Absolute magic to watch!

We need retractable extension leads. Just imagine them snaking down the M1 behind every car! I am surprised our civil servants have not already promoted this idea. Perhaps something for the Ofgem staff. They seem quite adept!!!

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That will never work. The moron contractor will simply tarmac over it next time they drive by. 

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I agree about the retractable leads. When disconnecting in rain snow or whatever having to coil up possibly dirty, wet leads will  certainly make you feel a bit colder ( and wet ), plus placing wet leads in the storage space is bound to cause some problems further down the line.

Interested in how people manage in this situation