BBC R4 Costing the Earth: End of the petrol age.

  • 1 December 2020
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BBC R4    Costing the Earth:  End of the petrol age

_ Worth a listen even though no great revelations in it...

One of the opinions voiced on this program was the biggest impediment to EV take-up wasn’t range anxiety or lack of charging infrastructure  but the cost of the vehicles when compared to the I.C. equivalent. If so that’s very easily cured with grants from the government money tree (think scrappage scheme on steroids).

It was also pointed out that the total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle was lower than the equivalent I.C. vehicle.
But then there’s pollution and damage due to Lithium and Cobalt mining (and that of other rare metals) to be factored in, and the recycling costs etc. That doesn’t seem to be fully factored into the sustainable equation...

Hydrogen, produced from renewables anyone?



2 replies

Thanks @woz 

Just on EV batteries, about what we’ll do with all the batteries no longer used to power cars. This is a good article on how they can be re-purposed. Some are already being used to cool beer in Japan! 


Hydrogen, produced from renewables anyone?



That is what the big oil companies are going to drive forward. They have to : gives them something to do with all their existing end-to-end infrastructure.


Remember, hydrogen powered cars are still EV in their underlining propulsion.